Our Services

The range services offered by East-West Engineering includes:


    •      Engineering and development of the design documentation;

    •      Technical evaluation and the adaptation of the design documentation in compliance with the local norms, technical specifications and the standards;

    •      Complex design of all disciplines of the design documentation in compliance with the location and international standards;

    •      Design of the utility facilities and systems: new routing, refurbishment and shifting;

    •      Development of the special project disciplines that shall be endorsed by the local authorities such as the industrial and fire/explosion safety;

    •      Design and modeling of the 3D models;

    •      Interaction with the design centers of the Customer abroad and joint development of the project;

    •      Translation of the design documentation and printing services of the design documentation.


    •      Selection, control and monitoring of the execution of the works by the local sub-contractors, selected by the Customer on his behalf;

    •      Support and provision of recommendations to the Customer on the issues related to the process of obtaining of the local approval in compliance with the local norms and rules;

    •      Coordination of interaction between the different participants of the project (especially with the ones who has difficulties in communication in English language);

    •      Support of the Customer at all stages of the project realization.


    This section includes the following special works as:

    •      Categories calculation of premises, buildings and external installation on explosion and fire safety;

    •      Design, delivery and mounting of the telecommunication networks and automation;

    •      Delivery and mounting of firefighting equipment;

    •      Mounting, start-up and commissioning, repair and technical support of the units of water, gas, powder fire extinguishing, security, firefighting, security and fire alarm and annunciation.


    •      Construction field supervision and commissioning control;

    •      Services on start-up and commissioning;

    •      Technical Supervision after the compliance with the design and as-built technical documentation on the site on behalf of the Customer.